Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quotes of the week

We asked each scout for a quote for the Blog.
Something to send home, something that sets the tone for the week, something they like the most about camp.
Some did not quite understand what I was looking for but I did get something out of everyone. So here they are as of Wednesday afternoon.
If you do not understand the quote, ask your Scout when he gets home to explain it.

Troop 61 Scout Quotes:

Daniel – Who wants to play Jungle Speed?
John B – The food is awesome.
Will C – Likes the pool.
Cody D. – Farmer Obama needs to grow Influential speeches.
Mike D – Likes the Dan Beard Program.
Jon G – I caught a snapping Turtle!
Nick H – Shut up or I’ll sing a song about you.
Mike J – We’re the “God Squad”!
Stephen K – I’m achieving a lot so far!
Brett L – Burning bugs with a magnifying glass is cool.
Tommy L – Mom, Dad, stop checking the Blog so much.
Ryan M – Wilfred Brimley will rule the world in 2013.
Kyle M – Who wants to play Magic?
Tommy P – Can’t get enough of the pool.
Greg R – Camp is Great!
Zach R – Likes the pool.
Chris R – What time is it?
Ryan T – I’ll do my best to use the latrine despite the smell.
Kyle W- Says “Hi” and don’t take my picture.
Matt W- Race ya’ to the pool.

Mr Petty – Who put that tree frog in my bicycle helmet?
Mr. Dentroux – You can let go of me now, I’m not choking anymore.
Mr. Ringer – Next meal, the food tray starts on my end.
Mr. Maher – Show me the toothbrush!

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  1. One Question? Who the hell is Wilfred Brimley?