Sunday, August 2, 2009

Evening Photos - Day One

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  1. Great pictures, Ed. Looks like the boys are having all kinds of fun. Not sure how the street sign got there, maybe I don't want to know. Tell the boys we said HI!!!!!

    Greg and Janet R.

  2. Love the pictures! It's nice being able to get a peek at camp life. Looks like fun. I second the opinion that we don't want to know about that street sign! We will keep checking back to see what new adventures you all are up to. Thanks again! Hi to Mike!
    Kathleen and Michael D.

  3. All I know is the sign was here when we arrived. Then again, so was Mr. Gram.
    Enough said.
    It was a pleasant surprise. Gives everyone a taste of home.

  4. The pictures look great! Looks like everyone is having a good time. Tell my 2 Tom's I said hello.

    Cathy Petty

  5. A big thanks to Ed and the guys for the pic's and keeping us posted. I've never seen so many smiles (even on the grumpy ones that hate their pic's taken like mine!)

    Sheryl T