Saturday, July 24, 2010


We are home!
Thanks to all for a great trip!


Trip home going well.
We just crossed into New Jersey after having some toll booth traffic delays.
Need to stop for gas soon.

Should arrive at Moose lodge @ 1:30- 1:45PM.

See you there.

On the road

We just hit the road at 10:15. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Some scouts with their favorite staff members

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Saturday morning

We woke at 6:30 and had breakfast at 8:00.
We are packing up the trailer and hope to be moving by 10:00 AM.

Our ETA at the Moose is @ 1-2PM

Stay tuned for progress reports.

Friday, July 23, 2010


We have been very busy today completing all the last minute details needed before we leave tomorrow.
Tonight we had our annual Pizza and (birch) beer party in our campsite.
Now we are at the final campfire program. Each troop will be doing a skit and there will be some final awards given out.

Afterwards, we will be back at camp for one last night of fun.

Tomorrow we leave after Breakfast. Be sure to check the blog for updates.
As of right now, we plan on being back at the Moose parking lot between noon and 2:00PM.

Mr Dentroux found the coolest spot in camp

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Mile swim photos

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Last Day Good Morning

Hello All -

As Mr. Maher said, last night was a very busy night. All night long we moved from activity to activity and then when we got back to our campsite we had individual Patrol Meetings and Uniform Inspections (all part of the Patrol award requirements).

It was very interesting to hear the boys' various comments on their week at camp - both good and bad. The good comments and feelings definitly outweighed the bad, which is a good thing. I was very proud of the second year Scouts who had very insightful comments on the difference between their experiences during the two years - they showed a a very high level of maturity. Our first year Scouts had interesting observations as well, and our "veteran" Summer Campers really grasp what this week is all about.

But we are all definitly ready to be done (Scouts and Leaders). The "drama" level has been ratcheting up the past couple of days, and Matt D summed it up best last night - "It's because we have been living together for too long now." :)

Last night was yet again another good night - cool weather and no one woke up. One more night to go and we'll be home in our beds.

Busy day today as well as everyone tries to finish up all of their stray requirements. We'll be bouncing all over camp - hopefully it doesn;t rain like they say it will.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy night

Thursday night was extremely busy for us, and it is still not over.
We went from dinner to a troop swim (pool to ourselves) and then to a chapel service.
Now we are back at the pool for a "nite owl" swim.
We should be heading back to camp soon.

Wall of Fame

Congratulations to Cody Dentroux for posting the second fastest time on the Mile swim this summer at Camp Bashore!

Good job Cody!

Mile Swim

Congratulations to Troop 61 's mile swimmers.
Cody Dentroux set the record for this weeks camp!
Tommy Lynch and Mr Petty also completed the mile swim.

Good showing for Troop 61

COPE Climbing Tower

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Council Ring

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The Lake

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Thursday Morning colors

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Thursday Morning Breakfast

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Lightning Bolts

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Wednesday evening projects

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We Miss You

Mr. Walck, nobody will make us Juice!
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Thursday morning (trying to wake up)

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