Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Falls 8

Closer view I took as we were leaving.

Little Falls 7

It was very cool in that we could go behind the Falls and sit under there or swim under there. Plus there was a cool natural water slide through the falls, into a pool, down a slide and into a lower pool.

Little Falls 6

More fun

Little Falls 5

More of our guys having fun

Little Falls 4

Trying to figure out the lay of the underwater land.

There were a lot of slippery rocks (I fell :-) ) and rocks that poked up and holes in the rock

Little Falls 3

Our guys going in with their guys

Little Falls 2

Another Troop was already there when we arrived

Little Falls 1

The Little Falls

Little Falls Hike 9

Closer view of the final climb

Little Falls Hike 8

The final climb approaching the Falls

Little Falls Hike 7

Plenty of signs of recent high waters like this tree in the river. You may have noticed a tree on the Ressica Falls picture I sent out

Little Falls Hike 6

Saw lots of neat stuff like these trees

Little Falls Hike 5

Although it was very hot today the temperatures under the tree canopy along the river were not bad.

Little Falls Hike 4

Another view. We also covered some Second Class requirements re: native animals and native plant life.

Little Falls Hike 3

Another view

Little Falls Hike 2

Another view along the river

Little Falls Hike 1

View at the beginning of hike

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Resica Falls 2

Ed Maher
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Resica Falls

Ed Maher
(609) 385-7635