Sunday, June 29, 2014

NAS Wildwood 9

Group photo as we were leaving


NAS Wildwood 8

Cobra attack copter. Nasty/ scary looking machine. :-)


NAS Wildwood 7

Checking out a limited nuclear weapon

NAS Wildwood 6

F16 up close and personal. Neat thing was that they could get up close and touch everything and climb in most of them

NAS Wildwood 5

Some older private planes as well


NAS Wildwood 4

They also have some Coast Guard pieces which will eventually have their own place in the museum. The museum is still a work in progress and has been open for about five years.


NAS Wildwood 3

Mr. Simunek checks out a MASH copter from Korean War era


NAS Wildwood 2

Not just planes...

Naval Air Station Wildwood 1

Saturday morning we went to the Air Station Museum in Cape May. Cool collection of planes and gear from WWII through Vietnam.

Cape May Lighthouse 3

Group photo after the nature hike. The guide (on the right) was here in 2002 when we brought Dan's Webelos patrol here for a day trip.

We then went up in the lighthouse and afterwards grabbed some Philly water ice before heading back to camp

Cape May Lighthouse 2

Checked out Nature Center, then went to the beach to see the old WWII gun turret. Took this group photo while waiting for the nature hike to begin

Cape May Lighthouse

After the museum we headed to the lighthouse. Made some lunch under a nice shady pavilion and then off to the Nature Center

NAS Wildwood

Group photo as we were leaving