Friday, August 7, 2009


Good Friday morning everyone!

After a chilly night, we are enjoying plenty of sunshine and blue skies this morning.

Breakfast was ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches and hash browns.

The God squad attended their final chapel service.

Everyone is scurrying around this morning dotting the "I" and crossing the "T"s on their merit badges.
Some classes are already done for the week so there is more free time today than during the past week.

The Leaders are also busy turning in all our paper work for the various contests, awards, patches, etc.

We had 18 out of 20 Scouts earn the "Polar Bear" patch.
We had 12 earn the "Duty to God" patch.
We had 4 earn the "Snorkel BSA" patch.
Today we have one Scout attempting the BSA mile swim.

Our packing up, cleaning up, etc. will start today as well.

So we have a busy day ahead of us and a big closing program tonight.

I will send more photos and updates later today.

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