Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another good night behind us - no storms, no Scouts waking up, the temperature dropped off a bit which made for good sleeping.

If only we had coffee in camp for waking up. By the time we get up, get dressed, do colors in site, go to the parade field for camp morning colors, and get into the Dining Hall it's almost forgotten about. Mr. Petty had to remind me this morning while we were waiting for our turn for food that we hadn't had coffee yet. :)

We miss Cookie - and not just for his morning coffee.



  1. I'd have a headache by now from not having morning coffee!

    I'm glad the boys are making it through well. From the looks of things, they are kept so busy, by the time they go for lights out, they would sleep through anything!

    Ur a great group of guys and I'm glad to have you looking after my little dude :-) He doesn't seem to miss home - So far! This is a good thing :-)

  2. Sounds like you guys have much better sleeping weather than we have. I would love to see my son Johnny in 1 picture without that ratty hoody he always wears. I am glad you guys are there with my son. He couldn't be with a better bunch of leaders & role models. I went & visited Ed Walck. He seems to be in good spirits. I saw him Sunday. he said the Docs were going to assess him Monday to determine how long he will have to stay there. Hopefully, he will be back on his feet soon! Take care.

  3. Hold the presses - you forgot about morning coffee??????????? Is this possible??????? Wow - they are keeping you busy there.

  4. yes, that is the one thing i missed on wagonree..nothing like wakin to a fresh cup of coffee...i feel your pain..Dunkin donuts??? WaWa????