Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Health and Hygiene :)

I saw a couple of comments about teeth and showering so I thought I would update all.

Everyone has brushed their teeth each morning, and most of them have brushed their teeth both nights. I get them in the morning and Mr. Maher gets them in the evening.

We are on the mandatory alternate showering plan and everyone showered last night - even the New Scouts all went down and showered. There was much trepedation but everything was OK.

Many of them plan on showering tonight as well. Perhaps it's the heat getting to them. :)

So all of our Scout parents should rest easy about their hygiene.



  1. OMG, you got Jon to brush in the morning... please teach me oh wise one...


  2. Well done Scoutmasters - all us Mommas are breathing a sigh of relief..... :)

  3. Andy is showering? He does know the pool DOES NOT COUNT as a shower, right? He doesn't get that at home, so I'm hoping by the time he gets home from camp he will value and appreciate a good shower!

    Smelly boys are gross

  4. All hail the mighty toothbrush!!