Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday 7/20/10

Good morning everyone!
Today's breakfast was Scrambled Eggs and bacon with home fries.

We had 4 scouts participate in the "Polar bear plunge" this morning.
That means they went down to the pool at 7AM for a frigid swim.
They were: Austin, Andy D, Thomas A, and Greg.

They offer it again tomorrow. I'll see if we can get some additional scouts to go for it after I show them the "cool patch" today's crew received.

More merit badge work today. I will send over some pictures later.


  1. Way to go Polar Bears!!! OK - so they have plunged, but have they showered???? Maybe you should offer a cool patch for that......

  2. shower? swimming in the lake is a shower...just without soap.. they're clean come on....I wonder how many times Chris broke out that brandy new toothbrush he got from the dentist????