Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Morning everyone, my name is Mr. Agin... Oh wait, sorry. :)

Another good night was had by all - no storms, no Scouts getting up at night. Although part of our campsite was convinced that something/someone was crawling around behind their tents. After a thorough investigation by the Scoutmasters it was determined that the Scouts had a good case of the heeby-jeebies and all was well.

Our campsite is the largest in Camp and is actually set up for multiple Troops to use it during the week - but we have it all to ourselves. We have the Bunnies and the Racoons in upper campsite area and the Bolts and the Green Bar in the lower section along with the Leader tents.

Last night was Camp Wide Games where all of the Patrols in Camp from all of the Troops competed in various challenges by Patrol, not by Troop. All of our Scouts had a great time and we even won a few of the events. The Bolts won the pool challenge - carrying a match around the pool while riding a pool noodle and then lighting it at the end. The Bunnies came in first but could not light their match (wet), so the Bolts won with a dry match.

Today should be a good day as well, but hot and humid.



  1. Hi stole my Good Morning Mr. Agin...Thanks so much to all of you gentlemen for all the pictures and updates you give to us..(I --being a first timer truly appreciate it..) I still miss Chris..but none the less appreciate it.