Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monday Update

Hello All - as I said in the parking lot, there will be an update for every day, but they may not be every day...

Monday Update:

Monday was a difficult day
  • It was hot and humid all day
  • We had storms passing through all day which made the heat even worse to deal with
  • Merit Badge classes and schedules were changed from the schedule we were given, so Scouts would go to a MB class only to find it had been moved or changed to a different period
  • Scouts had to find their way around Camp, which is always the same on Monday, but it makes the day more stressful for them
  • And we had the massive storm come through which required us to evacuate to the Dining Hall (DH), further elevating their unease and uncomfortableness with Camp Life
After the storm passed and we were back in our campsite we took the opportunity to explain to the Scouts that we are all brothers, and it is the job for all of us to help everyone get through the week - make sure every scout is involved in what's going on; make sure no Scout is off sitting by himself; make sure every Scout gets where he needs to be, etc.

I made the point that everyone deals with homesickness (aka DNS - Domestic Nostalgia Syndrome) and we all have to help each other deal with it. I made jokes about the weather, the storm and our eminent doom to lighten things up and everyone was able to laugh about it. We had Scouts already suffering from DNS on a high level, and it's only Monday.

The food is very good here, especially when compared to last year's experience. :)
  • Breakfast = pancakes and sausage, plus they have a yogurt/ fruit bar, oatmeal, pastries, and cereal (of course) each day
  • Lunch = tacos (hard and soft tortillas); plus they have a well stocked salad bar each day
  • Dinner = ham, scalloped potatoes, and mixed veggies; plus they have a well stocked salad bar each day
Our PLC and Patrol Mtg schedules were all messed up due to the weather, etc so we just had a quick stand up meeting to go over duty rosters, tomorrow's events, etc.

Short summary = Crazy, hot day; nothing major accomplished; nothing major went wrong

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