Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update:

The weather was very good, which makes everything better. Temperature was still in the high 80's but with much less humidity. So we were no longer sweating just standing around.

The Scouts' MB routines are normalized now.   They are no longer walking to far away badges or taking badges that don't fit into their schedules, so they are now enjoying the MBs they are taking.  Lots of positive feedback when we are talking to Scouts.

Only four Troops at Morning Muster today.  All Troops at Evening Colors but some no longer make a pretense of "Class A".  After Colors I pointed out to the staff member leading things that folks should remove their hats.

It's Hump Day!  We really have not had too many Scouts suffering from DNS, and those that have it are doing well - It's Hump Day!

Our PLC/Green Bar is struggling a bit with getting things done and/or finding out info to get things done.  Our nightly PLCs have an air of "Why are we doing this?" about them, but at least we can check a box in our mind that we hold them.  It seems like we might be able to earn the Troop Award, and the patrols will have to work at it but they can attain the Patrol Award as well.

It's always interesting to see which Scouts stand out at Summer Camp - the expectation is that the leaders will step up {but that doesn't always happen}; the surprise is when other Scouts step up in unexpected ways.  Watching our Scouts handle the trials and tribulations of Summer Camp Life is a very interesting experience.

The food continues to be a high point
  • Breakfast = french toast and bacon
  • Lunch = cheese steaks, hot dogs, baked beans
  • Dinner = roast beef, roasted potatoes and mixed veggies
Wednesday nights are almost always the night where the Patrols compete against each other in some form of "Campwide Games".  They typically involve varied multiple activities so that it is not just an athletic/sports competition.  Here at Ockanickon they have a Water Carnival which consists of six different events in the pool.  All are made up events involving pool noodles, blow up animals, tubes, etc that have to be ridden, carried or collected by different sized teams from each Troop (not by patrol).  So there was a two Scout event, a four Scout event an eight Scout event, etc.  Most of our Troop attended the Water Carnival and we did well in the events, even winning one of them for sure (results aren't announced until Friday and the winner is not always obvious).  The final event required a Scoutmaster and a New Scout.  The SM was in a tube in the pool wearing goggles filled with paper towels (blind).  The New Scout pushed him around to try and pick up large beach balls, and then directed him to blindly throw the balls through hula hoops.  I was the "Tank" and Ryan Cubiero was the "Tank Commander".  We successfully scored one point, but did not win. :(

Evenings get quiet pretty quickly around here.  Getting up at 6:15, walking around all day, and being physically active has them going to bed around 9:00-9:30 (or sooner for some).   But there are always a handful of guys who sit in someone's tent and play cards, chat, or what-not until we have to tell them to turn it down.  But we never have to tell them to turn in. :)

Short summary - Could be better, but for the most part all is well.

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