Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tuesday Update:

Tuesday was a much better day.  As often happens, after the storm blew through we had great weather - much cooler temperatures (if you can call the 80's cool), much less humidity, and no rain.

We still had Scouts with MB issues, and almost all of our Scouts started to drop MBs.  Some because their schedule no longer works due to changes, some due to travel time between classes, some due to scheduling issues with other MBs.  Not a big deal in this case - the Scouts are dropping a MB or two and are still taking 3-4 MBs which is a good number for Summer Camp.

Running back and forth between classes and sitting in classroom settings is not the best use of time at Camp. Hanging with your friends, checking out the fishing options, chillaxing in the pool and in some cases just relaxing in our campsite are all better uses of time in my opinion.

The MBs are all very "accelerated" here.  Most will be done by Wed or Thu which is odd.  We have not had any issues, or reports of MB Instructors not knowing what they were doing or issues in MB classes (but it's still early in the week).  MBs are often "issues" at Summer Camp, but that does not appear to be the case here.  The sign up and scheduling were horrible, but the actual MB Classes seem OK.

Monday's schedule for opening and closing ceremonies was messed up by the weather, so this was our first day with full schedule.   Every Camp I have ever been to (9 in the last 11 years) has Morning Colors.   The entire Camp shows up, lines up on the parade field, the flags (colors) are raised, each Troop's SPL reports, and morning announcements are given about program changes, etc.

Because they have so many Scouts here each week and the DH will not fit everyone, they do not do it this way. The Camp population is divided roughly in half so that half go to a meal while the other half have free time, and then they switch. So our Breakfast (A) is at 7:30, while Breakfast B is at 8:30. Morning Muster, as it is called here, is optional and held at 8:15. 

Theoretically the A group goes after breakfast, and the B group goes before breakfast.  But since it is optional hardly anyone goes.  We were one of five Troops there this morning; very sad.   And many attendees (including staff) goof around during Colors and do not remove their hats.  Mr. Simunek is not happy.

Evening Colors are mandatory so all Troops show up. We are supposed to be in full Class A uniform, but already Troops are showing up with Class A shirt and bathing suits/ random shorts, no BSA socks, etc. Disappointing.  But as the Leaders are not wearing Class A's you can tell that there is no concern about this aspect amongst most Troops.

We are all in full Class A, in formation with our Patrol Flags.  It is not because I'm some form of militaristic jarhead; it is because uniforming is part of the Scout program.  Our Scouts are already taking pride in how T61 shows up compared to others.

Food is still above the average camp food:
  • Breakfast = chipped beef, fresh biscuits, lots of tater tots and scrambled eggs (too much food actually)
  • Lunch = pizza
  • Dinner = roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and carrots + a strawberry shortcake type of dessert  {I forgot to list Monday's dessert was Boston Creme Pie}
Our meals are served "family style" which is much better (in my opinion) than "cafeteria style".  Cafeteria style is when each Scout walks through the line and gets individual servings of food.  Family style is when one Scout serves as the "waiter" for each table of eight and brings platters/plates/bowls of food to each table; the food is then passed around the table as if you were eating at home.  It would be too long for me to explain pros and cons of each and why I feel "family style" is better, but hopefully you can figure that out.

Unfortunately I had to have a discussion with our Scouts about dining etiquette and table etiquette - its amazing that so many of them had no clue how to pass food around, or to wait for others, or to share portions properly...  I guess I'm getting old and cranky

Short Summary = It's Day 2.  Our Scouts' outlooks are improving and moral is up; and we are adjusting and adapting to the issues.

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